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Toast bread sandwiching and packaging machine system introduction

This system configures a toast bread sandwich machine and an entry level flow wrapper, can make and pack sandwich bread automatically. Toast breads are cut by sliced machine first, then transport to bread sandwiching machine to inject fruit jam/cheese/cream on bread surface, then deliver to horizontal flow wrapper machine for packaging.  Fully automatic function, high efficiency.

Solution case for Toast Bread sandwiching and packaging.

Recently, we have a customer requested an automatic solution for bread sandwiching and packaging. He want to add fruit jam and other flavor cream in the middle of toast bread slices. Belows are the details and our solution.

Product: Sliced toast bread, one piece size: Length 140mm, Width 90mm, Thickness 12mm

Manufacturing capacity: 150 pcs/min

Packaging request: Automatically sandwiching cream materials in the middle of 2 piece sliced bread,  then packaging one by one into pouches.

Our packaging solution drawing:

Toast sliced bread sandwiching packaging machine

Toast bread sandwiching and packaging machine

Machinery list: Toast bread slicer(to cut toast bread brick into slices), Sliced bread dispenser (to deliver 2 pieces bread one by one to bread sandwiching machine), Bread sandwiching machine(to add cream jams in the middle of bread), Packaging machine(wrap product with pouches, speed upto 150bags/min). You may need dessicant dispenser, if you want to place deoxidizer into bag, to have long shelf life for products.

Sliced toast bread sandwiching packing system solution video

Summary: This packaging system has low cost, high efficiency features, can save 3 workers as well as keep high sanitary working process.

If you want toast bread slice and packaging system,  check this page or  refer video below:

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