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What is vertical form fill seal packing machine?

Vertical form fill seal packing machine, also called vertical packing machine, is a vertical synchro motion process for products to be wrapped in bags.The process include bag forming, product filling, fin-seal wrapping, end-sealing cutting. Packing material is hot sealable plastic film or paper film normally, widely used for bulk shape products or liquid packing. Such as potato chips, grains, powder,beans, sauces etc.,

Vertical packing machines diversify your packaging.

SOONPACK offer golden quality vertical form fill seal machines with variable bagging style, include premade bags,back seal bags,quad seal bags,zip bags, widely used for nuts, granule, chips, powder shape products packing. We are not only give machines, but cost saving automatic solutions.

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Premade Bag Doypack Machine
Nuts Packing Machine
Granual Chips Packing Machine
Powder Packing Machine
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