Focus On Your Packaging


Professional Food and Beverage packaging machines

Food and Beverage is the largest consumption group that request for packaging. Based on fast-paced society, ready-to eat and on-the go foods are more and more popular,which lead a huge demand for food and beverage packaging.

Soonpack knows this trend, Almost 70 percent of our machinery are used for food and beverage industry. From biscuit, chocolate,cake to fruite, vegetables, We have created efficient packaging solutions for fresh and safe packaging.

SP100 Dual Inverter Wrapper
SP2000 Film Inverted Wrapper
SP800W Servo Type Film Inverted
SP320 Dual Inverter Wrapper
SP3000 Film Inverted Wrapper
SP602 Full Servo Wrapper
SP180 Full Servo Wrapper
SP530 servo type flow wrapper
SP830W flow wrapper