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How to pack single piece wafer biscuit in high speed?

Wafer biscuit, a delicious food for its crisp feature plus different flavors, such as peanut butter, chocolate, orange, is very popular at present stage,  Do you know how is it packaging? Here is customer request and our packaging solution which is designed for single piece wafer biscuit automatic packaging .

Requests for single piece wafer biscuit packaging automatically.

Product: Wafer biscuit, Length79mm, Width 31mm, Height 7mm

Wafer line producing capacity: 450 pcs/min

Packaging way:  1 piece in one bag

Packaging request: Fully automatic packaging, no manual loading.

Our packaging solution:

Drawing:(1 line drag 3 sets packaging machines)


Machinery list: Conveyor 1 (to connect with end part of wafer production line, normally is wafer cutter), Align unit (to align wafer product in lines further), Servo pusher unit(to push wafers into transition conveyor row by row.), Packaging machine (to wrap wafer biscuit continously)

Technical tips:

  • Customized desgin, need customer provide information for factory size drawing, wafer size, producing capacity. 
  • Gentle motion for servo pusher, decrease wafer damage rate as well as keep products feeding smoothly.
  • No wafers, no packaging.
  • One machine’s packing speed is upto 220 pcs/min.

Wafer biscuit single pack video:


  • This packaging system is also suitable for cereal bar packaging, the cost saving choice for bar shape products packaging request.
  • For wafer biscuit family packing request, check this article ↗️