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Swiss roll layer cake automatic packing system solution

One year ago, we had a customer from Indonesia, requested an automatic packaging system for swiss roll and layer cake, 1 piece in one bag, below are the details and our solution. 

Product: Swiss roll, Length 85mm, Diameter:35mm; Layer cake, Length 65mm, Width 40mm, Heigth 28mm;

Packaging way: 1 piece cake in one bag

Manufacturing capacity: 430 pcs/min

Packaging request:  Automatic feeding swiss roll and layer cake into horizontal packing machine and packaging, no manual loading.

Our packaging solution:

Drawing:(Swiss roll layer cake autoamtic packing system )


Machinery list: Main belt 1, 2(to feed and arrange products with a certain distance by line status), Sink unit (to feed swiss roll layer cake to receiving unit by up and down motion), Turning unit and Automatic feeding conveyor(to feed cakes with requested postions to packaging machine), Packaging machine(continuous work type, one machine speed is upto 120bags/min with air flush function,   no product no packing.)

Swiss roll layer cake automatic packing system video

Summary: This packaging system is also suitable for steamed cake, soft cake, chcolate bar automatic packaging.