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How to wrap Popsicle Icepop in family pack automatically?

Popsicle, sometimes called icepop or ice lolly, is a popular stick type freeze beverage,  packed with plastic tube and mark with different flavors. In market, it normally shows in family packaging with 10 pieces sticks per bag by mixed flavors.  Do you know how to wrap popsicles in family pack automatically? Here is customer request and our solution.

Requests machinery for ice lolly in family packaging. 

Product: Ice lolly, length: 185mm, diameter: 20mm

Packaging request:   Load and pack 10 pieces ice lolly into one bag with 5 flavors, each flavor with 2 pieces, products need to be loaded in 2 layers, the total loading and packing process must be automatic.

Our packaging solution:



Machinery list: Ice lolly dispenser (customized), inverted flow wrapper.

Technical tips:

  • Ice lolly dispenser is customized, need customer send icelolly samples to us.
  • 5 hoppers for dispneser, each hopper load same flavor ice lollies.
  • Each hopper will dispense 2 pieces products by one signal.

Icepop automatic packing video:

Summary: This type packaging solution save 4 labor cost compare with manual loading type, is a good choice to for icepop factory to make family packaging.