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Cake automatic tray filling and packing solution

A customer from Vietnam, requested an automatic packaging system for cakes, 2 pieces in one container, container need to be delivered and loaded cakes automatically, below are the details and our solution. 

Product: Cake, Diameter:38mm, thickness 14mm

Packaging way: 2 piece in container, container will be wrapped by plastic bag.

Manufacturing capacity: 400 pcs/min (200bags/min)

Packaging request: automatic deliver plastic container, load 2 piece cakes into container, then packaging with  horizontal packing machine automatically, no manual loading.

Our packaging solution:

Drawing:(Cake automatic tray filling and packing system)

Cake automatic filling and packing system

Machinery list: Main belt 1, 2, 3(to feed and trim products with a certain distance for requested lines), transition conveyor (to feed cakes into designated conveyor), Turning unit and Automatic feeding conveyor(to feed cakes with requested postion to tray loading device), Automatic tray dispenser (to take trays and place them on conveyor, the conveyor will feed trays to loading device), Automatic tray loading device (to fill 2 pieces cakes into tray), Packaging machine(wrap plastic tray with bags, speed upto 150bags/min)

Cake automatic tray filling and packing solution video

Summary: This packaging system is also suitable for one piece product tray loading, widely used for packaging Moon cakes, Cookies, Egg pastry, sandwiching cakes which have tray loading and packaging request.