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Low cost doy pack machine for small factory

Recently, we have a customer request for packing coffee seeds in doy packs, their factory is quite small, only 1500-2000bags/day for packaging, is there any machines suitable? The answer is positive, check our customer requests and our solutions below.

Requests: Doypack machine for small business factory

Product: Coffee seeds, 125g-250g/bag

Packaging way: Standup bag, Ziplock bag.

Packaging request: Fully automatic packaging, no manual loading.

Our packaging solution:

Drawing:(one station doy pack machine)

one station doy pack machine

Machinery list: Bucket elevator (to feed products into weigher), 2-head weigher (to fill requested weight products into doy pack machine), doy pack machine (one station design, speed 8-15bags/min), zipper opening and closing device(the optional device for customer if he has zipper bag packaging request), output conveyor (to feed packaged products out)

Machinery price for this packaging system: USD22000.00-USD25000.00/SET based on different configurations.

Packaging speed: 8-15bags/min.

One station doy pack machine video:

Summary: This packaging system is only suitable for small facotory doypack request, if for high speed machine, need to use 10 stations doypack machine , speed is upto 60 bags/min.