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What is flow Wrapper

Flow wrapper, also called horizontal packing machine or HFFS, is a horizontal synchro motion process for products to be wrapped in pillow bags. The process include bag forming, product filling, fin-seal wrapping, end-sealing cutting. Packing material is hot sealable plastic film or paper film normally, for some special products,such as chocolate, use cold sealing film.

How does a flow wrapper work?

Let's take a look for flow wrapper working principles, Refer picture below.Flow wrapper principlesAll flow wrappers or flow pack machines have an infeed conveyor, a film roller, a fin seal unit and an end seal unit. The infeed conveyor push products into film tube which is formed bag former, then sealed by fin seal unit and end seal unit. The whole process is continuous type, fast speed. It is widely used for food packing and other solid shape products packing in bags.

2 most common types  flow wrappers

1. Film upside feeding model (as shows by picture of SP180 Full servo Wrapper)

The film carrier is located at the upside of packaging machine, products are loaded on infeed conveyor, then pushed into film tube for packing.

Bag result: fin seal is beneath the products.

Good points: fast packing speed, suitable for packing most of solid status products, such as biscuit, chocolate,bread, candy, etc.,

Short points: not suitable for sticky products or bulk shape products packing, because products are not good for feeding by pusher.

SP180 flow wrapper
SP180 Full Servo Wrapper

2. Film inverted wrapper (as shows by picture of SP2000 Film Inverted Wrapper)

This type wrapper, film carrier is located at the bottom side, which products are loaded on or fed to film surface, then carried by film for seal and cut.

Bag result: fin seal is upon the products.

Good points: suitalbe for all solid shape products packing, whatever the products features are sticky, in bulk or not.

Short points: lower packing speed, as the products position may be changde on film surface for slide reason.

SP3000 flow wrapper
SP3000 Film Inverted Wrapper

Videos for flow wrapping machine