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5 important points to choose the right flow wrapper

Recently, people around me keep asking about how to choose right flow wrapper, in fact, there are 5 important  points for this, which you should read before making decision to buy a new packaging machine.

Point 1: To determine which products you want to pack by machine.

Some packaging machinery manufacturers have a wide range of products, in the purchase of packaging machine, customer may hope that one machine pack all their products. In fact, one special machine performs better than compatibles packaging machine, The products should not exceed 3-5 varieties for one machine,which can save time for adjustment. Also, to use another set machine for product size of the larger gap difference.

Point 2: High performance with low cost.

To choose the stable performance packaging with well found after sales service. Buy only the right ones, not the expensive ones.
Select the machine with mature technology and stable quality, so that the packaging is faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low scrap rate.Packaging machine uses consumable film, if the purchase of low-quality machines, may waste packaging film and maintainence time in the future in the daily accumulated production, which is not a small number.

Point 3: If possible, visit machines factory, make a test packing.

With on-the-spot investigation, pay attention to machines' details,check facotry size and manufacturing capacity,and make test packing are important, or sent sample to facotry to let them make test packing.

Point 4: Well found after sales service.

For machinery, long term and timely after sales service are critical. Also consider the affordable parts for replacement.

Point 5: Calculate bag length and film width according to product size.

We know machine's packing scope paramters are refered to bag size, not to product size actually, after caculating, you can find the suitable machine from parameters sheet, also have clear idea about film size information such as film width, registration eyemark distance (bag length). You may refer this article for how to calculate bag size and film width↗️.

In general, select the most siutable machine within your budget, quality is the first priority, second is service, never aim/pursue to just highest price or lowest price.

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