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Before buying a new horizontal flow wrapper, most of people will check packaging machine's parameters, especially for packing scopes. However these scopes are referred to bag size, not the product size. Do you really know the calculating way from products size to bag size?

Here we give the calculating ways:

Bag size=product length+product height+30mm end seal width.
Film width=(product width+product height)*2+30mm fin seal width.

Let's take a bread as an example.

Bread size


Bread size: Length 150mm, Width 80mm, Height 40mm.
The suitable bag length should be 220mm, (150mm+40mm+30mm=220mm)
The suitable film width should be 270mm, [(80+40)*2+30mm=270mm]

According to this size, our packing machine model SP320 ↗️can pack.

For some cone shape product, such as cup cakes or muffin, the calculate way is similar as above, but with a little difference. we know cup cakes product bottom side is small, up side is big.  The film width is smaller then caculating by the first way. So need to minius some length. We suggest taking product sample to check.

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2 thoughts on “How to calculate bag size and film width with a product?”

  1. Hello sir, i had a hard time fixing my flow wrap ( horizontal wrapping) compensation setting. ( issue: not sealing consistantly at the same point. Please offer suggestion to help fix the problem. Thanks

    • Hi, have you checked film eyemark sensor? Please exclude the sensor problem first. You can turn off eyemark tracking function, and check if bag length are similar?

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