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Flow wrapper SP830W Flow wrapper SP830W
SP830W-electric-cabinet SP830W-electric-cabinet
SP830W-fin-seal SP830W-fin-seal
SP830W-conveyor SP830W-conveyor
SP830W-box-motion SP830W-box-motion

Box Motion Flow Wrapper SP830W

4 axies servo driven flow wrapping machine SP830W has a compact structure, stainless steel body.  maximum film width 600 mm, box motion end sealing system, beautiful airtight seal result, mainly used for food packing request.


Maximum Speed:             Bag Size:

100 bags/min           Length: 120-600mm

                                   Width: 65-280mm

                                   Height: 5-90mm

About SP830W box motion end seal system

SP803W use the latest electric cam box motion end sealing system, which has faster speed, lower noise and lower vibration compared to tradition mechanical cam type. The maximum speed could be 100 bags/min. Compare to rotatory type end sealing system, box motion type has good airtight and compact sealing result, beautiful gusseting performance.

Is flow wrapper SP830W hard endurable?

SP830W is built with stainless steel body, SUS304 material, anti-rust quality, extra thickness frame enable this machine work well in cold&damp environment, integrated heating and sealing wheel, suitable for most of packing film. Adjustable bag former, you can change different kind of products with step-less process. It is a good choice for frozen products packing, such as frozen hamburger, frozen dumpling, sausage etc.,



SP830W flow wrapper is not only suitable for frozen products packing, but also has  good points for other regular shape products packing, consider its wide packing scope and hard endurable body.

Specifications For Packaging Machine SP830
  • Packing film width: 600mm
  • Packing material: OPP,PE, PVC,OPP/CPP,PT/PE,KOP/CPP etc.,
  • General power: 5.07KW
  • Power supply type: 220V, 50HZ, 1PH
  • Machine weight: 1200kgs
  • Machine dimensions: L4400mm*W1200mm*H1700mm
  • Features For Packaging Machine SP830
  • Latest electric cam box motion end sealing system, fast speed, low noise and low vibration.
  • Compact structure,hard endurable design with stainless steel body.
  • servo control with touch screen operation, easy for use.
  • 3 temperature controller,integrated heating and sealing wheels.
  • Memory set for production parameters.
  • High precision sealing parts, fast packing speed.
  • Film roller automatic centering function.
  • Double film carriers,film automatic splicing are available for choice.
  • No product No bag,Air inflation, Liquid spraying are available for choice.
  • Date printer,Labeling device are available for choice.
  • Expand with automatic feeding conveyor for fully automation.
  • Application Ranges

    Option Configurations

    Payment&Shipment&Warranty term

    • Payment: T/T is prefered, 30% of cargoes value to be paid after signed the contract, the balance to be paid before shipment. L/C is acceptable.
    • Leading time: 40-50 days various from machine’s quantity and configurations.
    • Warranty period: 1 year from the date of shipment, whole life maintenance supports.
    • After sales service: Free on line supports, by customer request, we can send engineer abroad for service, the relevant fee will be charged separately.

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